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Bel Fuse Inc.

   Part number  Description
   2741F2  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  T1/E1  Through  Hole  Hardened  Transformer
   2741E2  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  T1/E1  Through  Hole  Transformer
   S7DC-16D330  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  4.75 - 15V  Input  / 3.3V Output  / 16A
   0581-5999-05  POWER  MAGNETICS  Through  Hole  Inductor
   0582-0486-50  INDUCTOR
   0574-1000-15  V.34 MODEM  TRANSFORMERS
   0574-1000-05  MODEM  TRANSFORMER
   0570-2004-01  LINE  FILTER  INDUCTORS
   0560-6600-N9  ADSL  Magnetics  GlobeSpan
   0560-6600-N6  ADSL  Magnetics  Lucent
   0560-6600-N2  ADSL  Magnetics  Globespan
   0560-6600-EJ  G.SHDSL Magnetics
   0560-6600-EF  ADSL  Magnetics  Centillium
   0560-6600-DK  ADSL  Magnetics  Analog  Devices
   0560-6600-CP  G.SHDSL Magnetics  Globespan
   0560-6600-CN  ADSL  Magnetics  Globespan
   0560-6600-CK  ADSL  Magnetics  Globespan
   0560-6600-BZ  ADSL  Magnetics  Tioga
   0560-6600-BA  ADSL  Magnetics  Centillium
   0560-6600-B1  ADSL  Magnetics  Lucent  WildWire  12V  ADSL  Full  Rate  CO
   0560-6600-AY  ADSL  Magnetics  Alcatel
   0560-6600-AT  G.SHDSL Magnetics
   0560-6600-78  ADSL  Magnetics  Infineon
   0560-6600-64  ADSL  Magnetics  For  Texas  Instruments
   0560-6600-12  HDSL  & MDSL  MAGNETICS  For  Level  One
   0560-6600-01  HDSL  & MDSL  MAGNETICS  For  Conexant  Bt8960  and  Bt8970
   0560-6100-A2  ADSL  Magnetics
   0560-6100-40  ADSL  Magnetics  Lucent
   0559-6204-08  ISDN  MAGNETICS  U Interface  Through  Hole  Transformers
   0559-6200-00  ISDN  TRANSFORMERS  Through  Hole  - Dual  Package
   0559-6100-00  ISDN  TRANSFORMERS  Through  Hole  - Single  Package
   0559-5999-05  T1 TRANSFORMER
   0559-5999-04  T1 TRANSFORMER
   0559-3855-00  TRANSFORMER
   0557-0450-00  TRANSFORMER
   0554-3855-00  ISDN  TRANSFORMER
   0554-3184-02  ISDN  TRANSFORMERS  T3 Applications
   0554-3184-00  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  DS3/E3/STS-1  Transformers
   0553-6500-17  T1/CEPT  Single  Line  Interface  Transformers
   0553-6500-04  T1/CEPT/ISDN-PRI  TRANSFORMER
   0553-5841-00  T1 TRANSFORMER
   0553-0043-DC  ISDN  TRANSFORMER
   0553-0013-1J  T1/CEPT  Dual  Line  Interface  Transformers
   0553-0013-14  T1/CEPT/ISDN-PRI  TRANSFORMER
   0553-0013-13  T1/CEPT/ISDN-PRI  TRANSFORMER
   2741B  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  T1/E1  Through  Hole  Shielded  Transformers
   2718BD2  ISDN  MAGNETICS  UPO  Interface  Transformers
   2718AF2  ADSL  MAGNETICS  Through  Hole  Transformers
   2689J2  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  Wideband  Hybrid  Signal  Combiner  & Splitter
   2664G  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  Specialty  Through  Hole  Transformer
   2809B  ISDN  MAGNETICS  Global  U Interface  Transformer
   2664AM  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  T1/E1  Single  THT  Shielded  Hardened  Transformer
   2664AK  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  T1/E1  Single  Through  Hole  Transformers
   VRPD-15C  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  3.3V Input  / 1.2V - 2.5V Output  / 15A
   VRPD-15B  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  5V Input  / 1.2V - 3.3V Output  / 15A
   VRPC-10C  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  3.3V Input  / 1.5 - 2.5V Output  / 10A
   VRPC-10B  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  5V Input  / 1.5 - 3.3V Output  / 10A
   VRPC-10A  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  12V  Input  / 1.5- 3.3V Output  / 10A
   VRPC-04C  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  3.3V Input  / 5V Output  / 4A
   V7PB-10C  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  3.3V Input  / 0.9V - 2.5V Output  / 10A
   VRPB-10C  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  3.3V Input  / 0.9V - 2.5V Output  / 10A
   VRPB-10B  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  5V Input  / 0.9V - 3.3V Output  / 10A
   VRPB-10A  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  12V  Input  / 1.0 - 5.0V Output  / 10A
   VRPB-06B  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  5V Input  / 1.5 - 3.3V Output  / 6A
   V7PB-10B  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  5V Input  / 0.9V - 3.3V Output  / 10A
   2662N  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  T1/E1  Single  Through  Hole  Transformer
   SS-7388H66S-PG3-AD  R.D. 2, BOX  2020  GLEN  ROCK,  PENNSYLVANIA  17327
   SS-7388H44S-PG3-AD  SS-7388H44S-PG3-AD
   SS-7388H44-NF  SS-7388H44-NF
   SS-7388H33-NF  SS-7388H33-NF
   SS-7388H22S-NF-AD  SS-7388H22S-NF-AD
   SS-7388H22-NF-AE  SS-7388H22-NF-AE
   SS-7388H22-NF-50  SS-7388H22-NF-50
   SS-7388H11S-PG4  SS-7388H11S-PG4
   SS-7368H22-NF  SS-7368H22-NF
   SS74800-038F  SS74800-038F
   SS74800-003F  SS74800-003F
   SRDB-10E  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  4.5V - 13.2V Input  / 1.0V - 5.0V Output  / 10A
   2662K  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNETICS  T1/E1  Single  Through  Hole  Transformers
   SRDB-08B  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  5V Input  / 1.2V - 3.3V Output  / 8A
   SRDB-07A  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  12V  Input  / 1.2V - 5.0V Output  / 7A
   SRAH-08B  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  5V Input  / 0.9V - 3.3V Output  / 8A
   SRAH-05C  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  3.3V Input  / 1.2V - 2.5V Output  / 5A
   2662B  HIGH  FREQUENCY  MAGNECTICS  T1/E1  Single  Through  Hole  Transformers
   1797A  DSL  Magnetics  RM5  Through-Hole  Inductors
   1793A  ISDN  MAGNETICS  Surface  Mount  Common  Mode  Choke
   SRAH-05B  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  5V Input  / 1.2V - 3.3V Output  / 5A
   SRAH-05A  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  12V  Input  / 0.9V - 5.0V Output  / 5A
   SRAH-03A  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  12V  Input  / 1.5V - 5.0V Output  / 3A
   SRAH-02C  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  3.3V Input  / 5V Output  / 1.5A
   0803-1439-02  DSL  Network  Module  HDSL/MSDSL  EC-DSL
   SRAH-02A  NON-ISOLATED  DC/DC  CONVERTERS  12V  Input  / 0.9V - 5.0V Output  / 2A
   SI-40062  SI-40062
   SI-40061  SI-40061
   SI-40060  SI-40060
   SI-40059  SI-40059
   S594-5999-03  CABLE  MODEM  MAGNETICS  Wideband  RF Transformers
   S558-5999-K8  10/100BASE-T  LAN  MAGNETICS  Single  Port  Transformer  Modules
   S555-5999-41  COMMON  MODE  CHOKES  For  LAN  and  Telecom  Applications
   S554-5999-15  CABLE  MODEM  MAGNETICS  Wideband  RF Transformer
   S554-5999-14  CABLE  MODEM  MAGNETICS  RF Splitter/Combiner
   S554-5999-03_1  CABLE  MODEM  MAGNETICS

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