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National Semiconductor (TI)

   Part number  Description
   LMH6645  2.7V, 650?A, 55MHz,  Rail-to-Rail  Input  and  Output  Amplifiers  with  Shutdown  Option
   LM4734  3 Channel  20W  Audio  Power  Amplifier  with  Mute  and  Standby
   DM54LS460  10-Bit  Comparator
   LP3881  0.8A Fast-Response  Ultra  Low  Dropout  Linear  Regulators
   54F646  Octal  Transceiver/Register  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   MM58248  High  Voltage  Display  Driver
   LM8305  STN  LCD  Display  Bias  Voltage  source
   CS1301  Media  Coprocessor
   LM95233  Dual  Remote  Diode  and  Local  Temperature  Sensor  with  SMBus  Interface,  TCRITs  and  TruTherm? Technology
   DM7450  Expandable  Dual  2-Wide  2-Input  AND-OR-INVERT  Gate
   W160A  160  Lead  Cerquad,  EIAJ
   ADC08200  8-Bit,  20 MSPS  to 200  MSPS,  1.05 mW/MSPS  A/D  Converter  with  Internal  Sample-and-Hold
   ADC0831  8-Bit  Serial  I/O  A/D  Converters  with  Multiplexer  Options
   DS42BR400  Quad  Transceiver  with  Input  Equalization  and  Output  De-Emphasis
   SCAN25100  2457.6, 1228.8, and  614.4 Mbps  CPRI  SerDes  with  Auto  RE Sync  and  Precision  Delay  Calibration  Measurement
   DS96F172M  EIA-485/EIA-422  Quad  Differential  Drivers
   LP5552  PWI  2.0 and  PowerWise? Technology  Compliant  Energy  Management  Unit
   LMC6084  Precision  CMOS  Quad  Operational  Amplifier
   100301  Low  Power  Triple  5-Input  OR/NOR  Gate
   100302  Low  Power  Quint  2-Input  OR/NOR  Gate
   100304  Low  Power  Quint  AND/NAND  Gate
   100307  Low  Power  Quint  Exclusive  OR/NOR  Gate
   100313  Low  Power  Quad  Driver
   100314  Low  Power  Quint  Differential  Line  Receiver
   100315  Low-Skew  Quad  Clock  Driver
   100321  Low  Power  9-Bit  Inverter
   100322  Low  Power  9-Bit  Buffer
   100323  Low  Power  Hex  Bus  Driver
   100324  Low  Power  Hex  TTL-to-ECL  Translator
   100325  Low  Power  Hex  ECL-to-TTL  Translator
   100328  Low  Power  Octal  ECL/TTL  Bi-Directional  Translator  with  Latch
   100329  Low  Power  Octal  ECL/TTL  Bidirectional  Translator  with  Register
   100331  Low  Power  Triple  D Flip-Flop
   100336  Low  Power  4-Stage  Counter/Shift  Register
   100341  Low  Power  8-Bit  Shift  Register
   100343  Low  Power  8-Bit  Latch
   100344  Low  Power  8-Bit  Latch  with  Cut-Off  Drivers
   100351  Low  Power  Hex  D Flip-Flop
   100352  Low  Power  8-Bit  Buffer  with  Cut-Off  Drivers
   100353  Low  Power  8-Bit  Register
   100355  Low  Power  Quad  Multiplexer/Latch
   100363  Low  Power  Dual  8-Input  Multiplexer
   100364  Low  Power  16-Input  Multiplexer
   100370  Low  Power  Universal  Demultiplexer/Decoder
   100371  Low  Power  Triple  4-Input  Multiplexer  with  Enable
   11C90  650  MHz  Prescalers
   5400  Quad  2-Input  NAND  Gates
   5402  Quad  2-Input  NOR  Gates
   5404  Hex  Inverting  Gates
   5408  Quad  2-Input  AND  Gates
   5409  Quad  2-Input  AND  Gates  with  Open-Collector  Outputs
   5410  Triple  3-Input  NAND  Gates
   54121  One-Shot  with  Clear  and  Complementary  Outputs
   54150  Data  Selectors/Multiplexers
   54153  Dual  4-Line  to 1-Line  Data  Selectors/Multiplexers
   54154  4-Line  to 16-Line  Decoders/Demultiplexers
   54157  Quad  2-Line  to 1-Line  Data  Selectors/Multiplexers
   54173  TRI-STATE  Quad  Registers
   54174  Hex/Quad  D Flip-Flops  with  Clear
   54191  Synchronous  Up/Down  4-Bit  Binary  Counter  with  Mode  Control
   5420  Dual  4-Input  NAND  Gates
   5437  Quad  2-Input  NAND  Buffers
   5442A  BCD  to Decimal  Decoders
   5474  Dual  Positive-Edge-Triggered  D Flip-Flops  with  Preset,  Clear  and  Complementary  Outputs
   5486  Quad  2-Input  Exclusive-OR  Gates
   54ABT16244  16-Bit  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT16245  16-Bit  Transceiver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT16373  16-Bit  Transparent  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT16374  16-Bit  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT16500  18-Bit  Universal  Bus  Transceivers  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT16646  16-Bit  Transceivers  and  Registers  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT240  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT241  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT244  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT245  Octal  Bidirectional  Transceiver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT273  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop
   54ABT373  Octal  Transparent  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT374  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT377  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  Clock  Enable
   54ABT541  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT573  Octal  D-Type  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT574  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT646  Octal  Transceivers  and  Registers  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ABT652  Octal  Transceivers  and  Registers  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC00  Quad  2-Input  NAND  Gate
   54AC02  Quad  2-Input  NOR  Gate
   54AC04  Hex  Inverter
   54AC05  Hex  Inverter  with  Open  Drain  Outputs
   54AC08  Quad  2-Input  AND  Gate
   54AC10  Triple  3-Input  NAND  Gate
   54AC109  Dual  JK Positive  Edge-Triggered  Flip-Flop
   54AC11  Triple  3-Input  AND  Gate
   54AC138  1-of-8  Decoder/Demultiplexer
   54AC139  Dual  1-of-4  Decoder/Demultiplexer
   54AC14  Hex  Inverter  with  Schmitt  Trigger  Input
   54AC151  8-Input  Multiplexer
   54AC153  Dual  4-Input  Multiplexer
   54AC157  Quad  2-Input  Multiplexer
   54AC158  Quad  2-Input  Multiplexer
   54AC161  Synchronous  Presettable  Binary  Counter
   54AC163  Synchronous  Presettable  Binary  Counter
   54AC169  4-Stage  Synchronous  Bidirectional  Counter
   54AC174  Hex  D Flip-Flop  with  Master  Reset
   54AC175  Quad  D Flip-Flop
   54AC191  Up/Down  Counter  with  Preset  and  Ripple  Clock
   54AC20  Dual  4-Input  NAND  Gate
   54AC240  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC241  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC244  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC245  Octal  Bidirectional  Transceiver  with  TRI-STATE  Inputs/Outputs
   54AC251  8-Input  Multiplexer  with  TRI-STATE  Output
   54AC253  Dual  4-Input  Multiplexer  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC257  Quad  2-Input  Multiplexer  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC258  Quad  2-Input  Multiplexer  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC273  Octal  D Flip-Flop
   54AC280  9-Bit  Parity  Generator/Checker
   54AC299  8-Input  Universal  Shift/Storage  Register  with  Common  Parallel  I/O  Pins
   54AC32  Quad  2-Input  OR Gate
   54AC373  Octal  Transparent  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC374  Octal  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC377  Octal  D Flip-Flop  with  Clock  Enable
   54AC520  8-Bit  Identity  Comparator
   54AC521  8-Bit  Identity  Comparator
   54AC540  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC541  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC574  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC646  Octal  Transceiver/Register  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC74  Dual  D-Type  Positive  Edge-Triggered  Flip-Flop
   54AC821  10-Bit  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54AC86  Quad  2-Input  Exclusive-OR  Gate
   54ACQ  Quiet  Seres  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACQ240  Quiet  Series  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACQ244  Quiet  Series  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACQ245  Quiet  Series  Octal  Bidirectional  Transceiver  with  TRI-STATE  Inputs/Outputs
   54ACQ373  Quiet  Series  Octal  Transparent  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACQ374  Quiet  Series  Octal  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACQ573  Quiet  Series  Octal  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACQ821  Quiet  Series  10-Bit  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACT283  4-Bit  Binary  Full  Adder  with  Fast  Carry
   54ACT323  8-Bit  Universal  Shift/Storage  Register  with  Synchronous  Reset  and  Common  I/O  Pins
   54ACT399  Quad  2-Port  Register
   54ACT534  Octal  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACT563  Octal  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACT564  Octal  D-Type  Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACT573  Octal  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACT818  8-Bit  Diagnostic  Register
   54ACT823  9-Bit  D Flip-Flop
   54ACT825  8-Bit  D Flip-Flop
   54ACT899  9-Bit  Latchable  Transceiver  with  Parity  Generator/Checker
   54ACTQ02  Quad  2-Input  NOR  Gate
   54ACTQ04  Quiet  Series  Hex  Inverter
   54ACTQ08  Quiet  Series  Quad  2-Input  AND  Gate
   54ACTQ10  Quiet  Series  Triple  3-Input  NAND  Gate
   54ACTQ14  Quiet  Series  Hex  Inverter  with  Schmitt  Trigger  Input
   54ACTQ16240  16-Bit  Inverting  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ16244  16-Bit  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ16245  16-Bit  Transceiver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ16373  16-Bit  Transparent  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ16374  16-Bit  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ16540  16-Bit  Inverting  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ16541  16-Bit  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ16646  16-Bit  Transceiver/Register  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ241  Quiet  Series  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ273  Quiet  Series  Octal  D Flip-Flop
   54ACTQ32  Quiet  Series  Quad  2-Input  OR Gate
   54ACTQ377  Octal  D Flip-Flop  with  Clock  Enable
   54ACTQ533  Quiet  Series  Octal  Transparent  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ541  Quiet  Series  Octal  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ543  Quiet  Series  Octal  Registered  Transceiver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ544  Quiet  Series  Octal  Registered  Transceiver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ574  Quiet  Series  Octal  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ646  Quiet  Series  Octal  Transceiver/Register  with  3-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ657  Quiet  Series  Octal  Bidirectional  Transceiver  with  8-Bit  Parity  Generator/Checker  and  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ821  Quiet  Series  10-Bit  D Flip-Flop  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ827  Quiet  Series  10-Bit  Buffer/Line  Driver  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54ACTQ841  Quiet  Series  10-Bit  Transparent  Latch  with  TRI-STATE  Outputs
   54F04DM  Hex  Inverter
   54F08DM  Quad  2-Input  AND  Gate
   54F109DM  Dual  JK Positive  Edge-Triggered  Flip-Flop
   54F10DM  Triple  3-Input  NAND  Gate
   54F11DM  Triple  3-Input  AND  Gate
   54F132DM  Quad  2-Input  NAND  Schmitt  Trigger
   54F138DM  1-of-8  Decoder/Demultiplexer
   54F139DM  Dual  1-of-4  Decoder/Demultiplexer
   54F14DM  Hex  Inverter  Schmitt  Trigger
   54F151ADM  8-Input  Multiplexer
   54F153DM  Dual  4-Input  Multiplexer
   54F157ADM  Quad  2-Input  Multiplexer
   54F158ADM  Quad  2-Input  Multiplexer
   54F161ADM  Synchronous  Presettable  Binary  Counter
   54F164ADM  Serial-In,  Parallel-Out  Shift  Register
   54F169DM  4-Stage  Synchronous  Bidirectional  Counter
   54F174DM  Hex  D Flip-Flop  with  Master  Reset
   54F181DM  4-Bit  Arithmetic  Logic  Unit
   54F182DM  Carry  Lookahead  Generator
   54F189DL  64-Bit  Random  Access  Memory  with  TRI-STATEE  Outputs
   54F190DM  Up/Down  Decade  Counter  with  Preset  and  Ripple  Clock
   54F191DM  Up/Down  Binary  Counter  with  Preset  and  Ripple  Clock
   54F192DM  Up/Down  Decade  Counter  with  Separate  Up/Down  Clocks

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